Recent research has shown that how you word your online dating profile can have a huge impact on how attractive you are to potential mates. Specifically, referring to yourself as a "girl" instead of a "woman" will get you more male suitors.

It's a little strange, but the numbers reflect that females who refer to themselves as "girls" receive 16% more attention than those who refer to themselves as "women" in their profiles.

Meanwhile, it is 28% better for men to refer to a member of the opposite sex as a "woman" than a "girl." So it's super sexy and evolved for men to call us women, but a turn-off for a lady to refer to herself as a woman. How bizarre! 

One thing is certainly for sure – regardless of how a female refers to herself, woman or girl, no guy is going to get any attention if he refers to himself as a "boy"! (HuffingtonPost)